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Nuts with no-loss, mobile washer consist of a two-piece rotating assembly (fixed upon request): a hexagonal nut (with or without flange) and a washer.
Using a nut with no-loss, mobile washer has many advantages, including:

  • making assembly on slots easier
  • making forgetting the washer impossible
  • making assembly easier, even in difficult positions (for example, screws facing downwards)
  • helping reduce assembly times
  • simplifying ordering and stock management
  • not damaging the supporting surface since the nut, when being tightened, rotates on the washer which remains fixed on the contact surface.

Nuts with no-loss, mobile washers come in various configurations:

  • with smooth, conical washers. In this case, the nuts screw freely until contact is made with the surface to be tightened against.
  • with torque applied, the washer undergoes elastic deformation, which exerts pressure on the nut such as to prevent it from loosening as a result of any adjustment to the assembly or as a result of vibrations or load losses.
  • with knurled, conical washers. This washer features a knurled, circular ring at the contact point between the nut and the washer. The purpose of the knurl, in addition to the washer’s elastic characteristics, lies in further restricting any unscrewing caused by vibration.
  • with smooth, flat washers. Nuts with this washer made with unhardened material are used in situations where one or more support washers are required.
  • with self-braking nuts (with polyamide insert or metallic deformation) with which various types of washer can be used.

These solutions make for a product with outstanding flexibility as the many combinations of various types of nut and washer make the best assembly solution available to the designer.

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