Assembling and Secondary Machining Techniques
External Processes
Raw Materials


Product reliability is our unwavering goal.

Process control with spot-checks is often not enough to achieve the highest standards of quality.

We give 100% to the quality of our products – geometric and functional testing.

Thanks to our control systems, every year we select over 340  million pieces.

Versatility of control tests.

Geometric shape, such as:

  • Height of the component
  • Flange diameter for flanged nuts
  • Geometry of the component

Functional checks, such as:

  • checking the screwability of the thread
  • Residual burrs
  • Presence of hairline cracks
  • Presence of the insert (nylon or metal) for self-locking nuts
  • Detecting foreign bodies
  • Coating presence


Tests on the thread, such as:

  • Thread presence
  • Thread pitch
  • Thread length
  • checking the screwability of the thread


Application: nuts, coupling nuts, bushings, cold formed components