100 % testing

Process control with spot-checks is often not enough to achieve the highest standards of quality and that is why we also carry out geometric and functional tests. Thanks to our control systems, every year we select over 340,000 pieces for our checks.

Versatility of control tests:


Geometric shape, such as:

  • Height of the component
  • Flange diameter for flanged nuts
  • Geometry of the component


Functional checks, such as:

  • checking the screwability of the thread


Tests on the thread, such as:

  • Thread presence
  • Thread pitch
  • Thread length
  • Residual burrs
  • Presence of hairline cracks
  • Presence of the insert (nylon or metal) for self-locking nuts
  • Detecting foreign bodies
  • Coating presence

Application: nuts, coupling nuts, bushings, cold formed components.


Reliable, timely, and aligned to the needs of customers: a strategic added value.

The opening of the new warehouse and logistics centre in 2018 was an important step in improving our logistics service. With over 5,000 pallet spaces and modern packaging and selection systems, we are able to manage and ship over 860 million pieces a year.

All movements and stocks are managed through an IT system and bar codes.

We are also committed to offering a service that goes beyond shipping the product. We mainly buy our raw materials from local suppliers in order to be able to offer shorter, reliable delivery times.

We work with safety stocks of finished and semi-finished products and offer the possibility of packaging items with containers supplied by the customer with customised labels or Odette transport labels.