corporate identity


Relationship and collaboration

Understanding the needs and meeting them, thanks to our know-how, providing full support from the project’s initial co-design phases. The constant search for the most modern production equipment, and continuous technological improvements allow us to give products the characteristics that will meet market expectations.

Customers see us as a reliable partner with whom to build a firm, lasting collaborative relationship.

Use of FEM simulations allow us to understand, before mass production begins, any issues and/or weaknesses in the product and/or in the equipment and tools, providing us with clear indications about the aspects that need to be improved, thereby avoiding any loss of time or money.

This means that we are always ready to provide the most suitable solution from a functional, qualitative, and economical point of view.



important element of competitiveness

Quality, for us, does not only involve production. It begins with the first contact with the customer and continues through the reliability of our products and the high level of satisfaction with our service, results that we are able to achieve through the attention to improving processes and the availability and cohesion of our team.

We will never forget where we come from and our artisan philosophy, tied to manual skills and the desire to know and to build products through one of the most technologically advanced industrial operations in the world.

The state-of-the-art of our tools and equipment allows us to monitor and check every process, whether internal or external, thereby guaranteeing full product compliance at every phase of production.

The commitment to ensure “total quality” is recognised by our certifications under the standards, ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 (obtained under the first version in 1999).



We are lowering risk, every day

We respect the environment and carefully control every discharge, properly recycle industrial waste, and recover scrap, which is minimised thanks to the efficiency of our processes because “sustainability” also means wasting as little as possible.

Not just production: we have completely eliminated plastic from our company canteen.

DA-TOR has a low-risk environmental impact and we guarantee an unwavering commitment to continually safeguard the health and safety of our workers and visitors.