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<b>Crimp Ferrules</b>


Crimp Ferrules

In the hydraulics industry, an airtight, leak-proof connection is the KEY for the perfect performance. Our press fittings such as crimp ferrules and bushings enable hoses to be connected and sealed . Our nuts and crimp ferrules prevent fluid leaks in hydraulic circuits, increasing safety and system reliability in hydraulic applications such as moving fluids, cooling, lubrication and compressed air. The most common areas of application are in the oil and gas industry to use in mining- and construction machinery.  We manufacture ferrules in lead-free carbon steel and stainless steel with diameters between 20 and 46 mm. Lead-free steels are employed for all our hydraulic connecting elements, such as ferrules, crimp nuts and bushings. Thanks to our lead-free steel cold forming process, our ferrules do not contain heavy metals and pollutants and have higher plasticity during deformation. We are able to offer customized products from dimension, marking and interior finishing to plating. 


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