Our cold forging machines are able to produce, starting from the wire, nuts and coupling nuts with a threads from  M4 to M36. In our cold forging process we use non-alloy steels, suitable for plastic deformation and extrusion, while the  alloyed steels are employed in heat treatment. We have a wire processing capacity from diameter 6 mm to 44 mm, using  C10C, 20MnB4, 23MnB4, 35B2 and many others steels, in accordance with the specific International Standards UNI EN 10263, UNI EN 10269 and UNI EN 10278. Our range of products also includes items obtained through a hot forging process, employing carbon steels such as C40, C43 and C45.


Thanks to our suppliers’ support we are able to manufacture parts up to 75 hexagon with different threads.


We have more than 60 tapping machines to meet all your needs of threading on hexagonal or round nuts.


With our skills and experience we are able to satisfy each request about any assembly with washer or bracket through systems developed and / or optimized internally.

machining techniques

We can satisfy any particular need of secondary machining techniques through dedicated systems.


The long relationship with our suppliers of heat treatment allows us to ensure high quality and flexibility in  the performance. On our products we can perform heat treatments such as carbonitriding, hardening, normalizing. Each treatment is then performed through optimized process parameters, which depend on the specific material to be treated and on the mechanical and technological characteristics, which must be achieved.

Surface treatments

Thanks to a long-standing cooperation with our suppliers we can offer a wide range of inorganic and organic surface coatings to meet the requirements of our customers: zn / znni / znfe / cu / zn flakes. On these treatments we can add sealants / lubricants, to meet the specific requests of a raising resistance against corrosion and to control the friction coefficient. We are able to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements imposed by the major automotive companies thanks to the technical support of approved formulators and applicators.

100% selection

In the sorting department we use the latest generation of high performance and constantly updated machines; we can ensure the highest quality, by doing automatic selection of different kind of characteristics such as thread presence, dimensional and / or functional dimensions, absence of foreign bodies.

Logistics and
safety stock

All handling processes and the warehouses are managed by a computer system and bar-codes. Our automatic packaging systems can use both cardboard boxes (eg Galia) and KLT / Odette. We are also able to offer all our customers the possibility to have a safety stock.