We closed a year of challenges, commitment and achievements: the numbers

Jan 20, 2022

2021 has also been a difficult year due to a number of unfavourable circumstances due to the
global pandemic and beyond. The sharp rise in material and energy prices, the cancellation of
trade fairs and events and, lastly, the drop in sales in the automotive sector put us under
great strain.

At times like these, it is the effectiveness of the strategy and the choices made beforehand
that has helped us soften the blow of the crisis and, indeed, return to growth. Thanks to the
diversification of sectors and products (we have achieved over 652 million individual units in
2021), we have seen turnover grow (from33 million in 2020 to 51 million in 2021), we have
been able to hire new people (we have more than 200 employees at the moment) and invest
in new projects, although some key sectors for us, such as automotive were affected by the
the negative effect of the pandemic.

The relationships and reliable links with local suppliers, and the fact of having production
close to the customer, have helped to ensuring a supply chain reliable (we have delivered
more than 15,000 tonnes
of material) and independent of Asian markets.

In 2022 we will make further investments to continue our growth path, investments to
increase production capacity and efficiency, safety and security, our automation pathway to
Industry 4.0 and the diversification of new products.


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