Automotive: cars change, not needs

Nov 2, 2021

New vehicles for more sustainable mobility; at DA-TOR we offer the same solid support to manufacturers, old and new.

The demand for vehicles that run on power other than fossil fuels is in continuous growth after stalling briefly during the pandemic in the early part of 2020.

The surge in sales of electric vehicles is considerable: despite initial scepticism and the significant obstacles to adoption, such as battery life and lack of re-charging infrastructure.

According to data in Jato’s industry report, which covers 45 markets, in the first quarter of 2021, 727,000 electric cars were sold and delivered, accounting for a global proportion of 4.1% (6.4% just in Europe). The total volume increased by 142% compared to the first three months of 2020.

Today in Italy, 200,000 electric cars are on the road, double the number (99,000 plus 6,400 light commercial vehicles) seen in 2020. Of these, approximately 60,000 were registered just last year, almost three times (+251%) the 2019 figure and accounting for 4.3% of total registrations.

Another scenario on the horizon at an international level (Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the United States) regards hydrogen engines, which are based on a fluid and a technology to which our know-how in the hydraulic sector could be integrated with even greater ease.

In an automotive market which has now begun the greatest transition ever seen since four-wheeled vehicles were invented, DA-TOR remains a solid partner, counted on by historic companies in the sector and by companies who are entering the car manufacturing market for the first time.

Bodies, chassis, mechanical sub-assemblies, suspension units, batteries… Our fastening components and the particular metals are already found in many parts of vehicles made today.

Our standard products, as well as the custom ones, that we can create through a co-design process with the customer, can meet the most diverse needs in terms of performance, production volume, and delivery timing.

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